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Jaideep Nagrath

MD’s Desk

“Future belongs to the Ayurveda” was in my mind when I left Melbourne after finishing my MBA from Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, Swinburne University. Back then in 2002 the craze for Ayurveda was growing and that encouraged me to go back to India and join my father Dr Pradeep Nagrath’s business (manufacturing & marketing Ayurvedic & Herbal products – medicines, cosmetics, dietary & food supplements) which till then was being run in a very traditional way.

I always believed Ayurveda is a beautiful medical science given to us from our ancestors and has a tremendous potential if it is promoted well and I wanted to take Ayurveda and our company across all 7 continents. So I took this challenge and started a new program under our company, Pentavox Herbals umbrella - let’s educate people and let us tell the world what is Ayurveda. For that I started a new program called “To sell Ayurveda you have to teach Ayurveda first” which became an instant hit and is still running very well for us. With this we started sending Indian Ayurvedic Doctors & Yoga Teachers to teach short-courses in Ayurveda & Yoga to the allopathy doctors (so that they can prescribe Ayurvedic products to their patients & this idea was also pursued so that we could support the companies & medical practitioners we are dealing with) to our export markets in Europe, North America, South-East Asia & Middle-East. This idea led to the growth of company’s export & name in the domestic circle as the leading & quality manufacturers of herbal products. This further gave us encouragement and we started an English Magazine “Ayurveda Today” to reach out to our customers and share our knowledge on Ayurveda with them.

The practical learning experience which I gained under my father, Dr Pradeep Nagrath, supervision helped in sharpening my leadership skills & improving my marketing persona. To succeed in corporate world, I had only one mantra in mind given to by my father Dr Nagrath “if you run after money, money will run away from you but if you run after name, money will run after you”. That line was so inspiring to me and it encouraged me to make a strong mark in the Ayurvedic Industry & improve our company’s name in domestic market by performing better with every year by doing quality work. Today we have over 300 products and over 50000 POS which includes retailers, wholesalers and doctors selling our products in North Indian market.

To further improve our company’s performance in Indian market we initiated a long term strategic plan in which we promoted & marketed our company’s founder Dr Pradeep Nagrath as Pentavox Herbals brand ambassador. We started developing a strategy to promote him, and not the products, to increase the faith of the people in him as a Quality manufacturer and that worked. We also hold the honour of participating in prestigious health fairs in Los Angeles, USA initiated by AYUSH department and also on the invitation by Govt. of India we participated in World Health Assembly in Geneva Switzerland to promote the Ayurveda & other ISM (Indian System of Medicine) for which we were given appreciation letter by the Govt. of India.

We have also set up our company’s office in London, UK in the year 2007 to cater to our International clients in European Markets and to streamline the business activity and to make our presence more prominent in European Countries. Now we are working on a new business model of setting up Ayurvedic clinics & resorts with yoga, spa, massage & short courses for the needy and we have initiated this process with the help our Dr Anil Kumar Mehta (leading Ayurvedic Pratactioner, motivational speaker, teacher and entrepreneur) from Netherlands and in association with EISRA organization. We have recently developed PDI of Ayurveda Sciences & Yoga in Raiwala (on Haridwar-Rishikesh Highway) where we provide short courses on Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Panchkarma.

We see Pentavox Herbals as one of the top 10 Global Ayurvedic Research and Products Development Companies by 2025 and our vision is simple – Lets Teach Ayurveda before we sell Ayurveda !!

Divine Love and Good health to all,
Jaideep Nagrath