Pentavox Services

Pentavox Herbals has the following available services

  • Manufacturing: Contract manufacturing, Private Label, Third party manufacturing and Patent formulations.
  • Technical - Specialty product, New product formulation and development.
  • Laboratory Services – Analytical, Development, Stability and Product identification.
  • Production - Granulation, Blending, Encapsulation, Compression, Coating, Mixers etc.
  • Packaging – all dosage forms

Penta-Vox stands for Voice of Five and the number 5 comes exactly in the middle of the basic numbers and possesses a prime importance in all philosophies of life. The theory of Five Pentads forms the basis of life with Five senses (Hearing, Touching, Seeing, Tasting and Smelling), Five sense materials or Panchmahabhuta (Sky, Air, Fire, Water & Earth), Five sense organs (Ear, Skin, Eyes, Tongue & Nose), Five sense objects (Sound, Touch, Shape, Taste & Smell) and Five sense perceptions (Hearing, Touching, Visual, Taste & Smell centres in brain).

"Pentavox Herbals product portfolio is blended with pure herbs from nature's very own creation and our innovation focusing on curative solution for hormonal imbalance, neuro, arthritis, cardiac, diabetic, liver, digestive and many more ailments to lifestyle products for both men & women. We at Pentavox Herbals believe in true wellness, holistic lifestyle and healthy living naturally.

We Export Quality Product

Currently, we are the exporting (directly and indirectly) to over 27 regulated and unregulated markets across Asia, Middle East, South Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America & CIS countries. We also offer complete documentation and technical support for the registration of products in the importing country. Our contended customers around the globe are our driving forces who encourage and motivate us to strive for excellence.


We promise to deliver more then your expectations from us. We are bound to provide you with the best quality products that can be made by the means of latest technology available till date.

Before you receive any of our product product, it has to pass through rigorous tests and quality checks of international standards to make it every penny worth. An herb is first checked for its efficacy till it matches the standards laid in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India (API). It includes physical inspection like size, colour and odour of required herb. Then chemical tests are being conducted like LOD (Loss on drying), ASE (Alcohol soluble extract), WSE (water soluble extract), FM (foreign matter), TA (Total ash), AIA (Acid insoluble ash), VO / EO (Volatile oil/essential oil). Finally TLC (thin layered chromatography) is done. Products are manufactured under the guidelines laid by Indian government under strict supervision of ayurvedic pharmacists.

All our products are scientifically designed keeping in mind Vedic knowledge and are clinically tested herbal and ayurvedic formulations that pass through rigorous quality tests at all the stages of manufacturing from raw material selection to the final products delivered. We strictly follows Good manufacturing practises laid by Government of India in schedule “T” in Indian drug act.

All our customers are assured of the best quality product and the best services from our end that we can ever provide to you at all times.