Ayurveda Inspired Herbal Oils

As per Ayurveda, Health is a state of equilibrium of normal functions of doshas, Dhatus, malas and Agni with delighted body, mind and soul. It means that when Dosh-Dhatu-Malas and Agni are constantly in a state of functional equilibrium, then the health is maintained. Otherwise distortion of the equilibrium results into diseases. Erratic lifestyle is believed to be one of the basic causes behind the failure of mechanism of maintaining equilibrium.

Treatment either with or without drugs and application of specific rules of diet, activity, specific body massage and mental status as described, disease wise, brings back the state of equilibrium i.e. health. Before executing any treatment Snehan (oleation) and Swedan (getting perspiration) are to be employed first. And body massage if using appropriate oils is one of the best ways to develop immunity and maintain vitality and achieve good health.

At Pentavox Herbals we have developed premium grade quality oils are infused with exotic raw ingredients which are hand-picked from our contracted farmers from their virgin farms or are sourced from sustainable and fair trade organizations authorized by Indian Government. Our professionally formulated herbal oil blends with pure essential oils are designed for subtle absorption and are cosmetically elegant making your skin smooth and silky as they penetrate deep into your skin nourishing and starting the process of healing.

Pentavox Herbals body and facial oil range have distinctive aromatic fragrances which vary from herbaceous, resinous to roasted, spicy to nutty and heavenly scents, due to the natural traditional methods used in the preparation of our exotic herbal massage oils. We have been exporting our range of herbal oils to many countries and winning hearts from millions of our customers across the globe. Our blends have received a wonderful response from daily users and from celebrities. We even have moms to be and mommies who have been extremely happy with the results of our Ayurveda inspired herbal product range.

All our Products are completely free of petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances and colorants, preservative free and have no genetically modified ingredients in any form. With our holistic approach we have developed and market various unique and innovative Herbal Oils (mentioned below) and we also make various traditional Ayurvedic oils like:

  • Panchakarma Oil, Abhyanga Oil, Shirodhara Oil, Mahanarayana Oil and Narayana Oil.
  • Vata Oil, Pitta Oil, Kapha Oil and Tridosha Oil.
  • Single ingredient Herbal Oils for various uses.
  • Under Eye Oil, Eye brow Enhancing Oil and Sleep infusing Oils.
  • Hair Growth Oil, Hair Luster Oil and Hair Care Oil.
  • Various Essential Oils for all purposes.
  • Oils for Arthritis, general pain, sports injury or back pain.
  • Oils for infants and newly born, Oils for new moms, Oils for moms to be and even specific Oils for post-pregnancy massages.

Medicinal Massage Oil for various ailments for eg. Allergies, Insomnia, Pains, Aging problems, for Men’s health, Women’s Health, Health Rejuvenating Oils, Body Stiffness and weakness etc. External and Internal use Oils for all seasons or for respective countries or as required locally and many more Herbal Body Oils.

We feel happy and proud in saying that we believe that we have one of the best Ayurvedic Body Massage Oils in the business as a lot of research and trials have gone in to this development that has given us edge on our peers.

Our Holistic Herbal Body Oils are also very good before or after Meditation, they help you stay calm, at peace and positively uplifts your moods.

Our Holistic Herbal Body Oils support the body's own healing system, and when used correctly they harmonizes one's body, mind and soul. They heal your health and your consciousness.

Our bottles are either Glass or PET, we prefer (depending on our customer’s preference) to have no extra boxed packaging which allows for ease of recycling, minimising our traces of waste on the earth. We have eco - friendly labeling with minimal or no plastic labeling (again depending on our customer’s preference), bringing a superior quality product with best in class packaging for you.

We have always raised our voice against NO ANIMAL Testing. We have always believed in beauty without cruelty. We are strictly AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING and none of our products or ingredients have never been tested on animal and we never will, for any trails or whatsoever. Organic Herbs, Ayurveda Vata Pitta Kapha Oils.