Erectile dysfunction best medicine in India

AYURVEDA - The Divine-largess and the world’s oldest science of healing from India clearly stresses upon the need of remedies & therapies for Rejuvenation & Virility for healthy human beings to maintain a robust Health.

HEALTH & AYURVEDA - At its simplest, health is the absence of physical and mental diseases. W.H.O. makes the description wider by adding that “All people should have the opportunity to fulfil their genetic potential”. This includes the ability to grow and develop physically and mentally without the impediments of inadequate nutrition or environment contamination, and to be protected as much as possible against infectious diseases.

Ayurveda had made this concept of Health even more wider (centuries ago) by describing Health as the perfect state of well-being of the organism when it functions optimally without evidence of disease or abnormality besides the balancement of Physical, Physiological, Psychological, Sentimental & Spiritual functionings of living body.

According to Ayurveda, debility can be described as generalized weakness and lack of energy, vigour or strength, which may be caused by various Physical or Physiological disorders. And when associated with Psychological, Sentimental or Spiritual-disorders, it also represents a lack of desire or ambition and loss of power or sensation along with non-specific symptoms like fatigability, insomnia, drowsiness, lethargy, unwanted anxiety, loss of appetite, lack of interest in personal or family matters etc.

All the cheerful pleasures of nature’s greatest, priceless gift of Human life are solely dependent on the perfect state of Health. And in today’s scientific & mechanical era of Space-age, the load of work & problems is increasing every moment which is getting burdensome & tiresome day by day, leading ultimately towards a dull life asociated with unwanted debilities.

According to Fundamental concept of Ayurveda, a perfectly balanced diet containing all essential nutrients plays a vital role in maintaining a perfect state of Health. The basis of a good diet is variety because none of a single food contains all nutrients essential for Health. Ayurveda has stored in its vast treas¬ure, a wide range of herbal formulations to supplement the nutritional deficiencies for maintaining a perfect state of health and fulfil the desires of Longevity. Ayurveda clearly stresses upon the need and suggests numerous valuable therapies & remedies for rejuvenation & virility to attain a perfect state of Health essential for Longevity.

“Ayurveda aims at not only curing the disease but also enchancing the body vitality to combat the disease and minimise thechances of relapse. Ayurveda epitomises the philosophy of total health care...” (Traditional Medicine & Health Care Coverage - a W.H.O. publication, Geneva, Switzerland, 1983 p.52).

Interestingly, without forgetting the principles of nature and theories of natural constitution, Ayurveda suggests innumerous recipes to supplement the body with such essential nutritional ingredients available from nature’s own resources for the cure of or protection from diseases, because the basic motive of Ayurveda is to treat & cure, the ailing & suffering, and maintain health of healthy human beings, ever since the day of its inception. Treating with Ayurveda means worshipping the nature.

Following the footsteps of the discoveries made by Great Sages & Acharyas, the Herbal Division of Pentavox, with the untiring efforts of its dedicated, experienced & highly qualified team of Herbal technocrats & Scientists, Plant-microbiologists, Pharmacists, Agriculturists, Bio-technologists and above all the Ayurvedic Vaidyas (specialist Ayurvedic physicians) under the dedicated leadership of our Ayurvedacharya Dr Pradeep Nagrath has rediscovered to formulate the most precious Rejuvenation & Virility remedy in the form of Herbal 1-TOP Capsule, which has been specially crafted for Men by picking up the most Precious & Rare Herbs, Minerals & Trace Elements found on this earth.

Rejuvenation: Ancient texts describe various household therapies & remedies which are helpful to restore the youthfulness of human beings, build resistance against all diseases, check aging debilities and keep a man Healthy throughout his life known as Rejuvenating therapies & remedies. Rejuvenation, is the source of strengthening all the physiological components of the body and is meant to enhance health and body-essence, produce top-quality bodily tissues, eliminate senility and other diseases of old age, prolong life and enhance memory, intelligence, youth, lustre, sweetness of voice, strength of body, senses and beauty.

Virility: The remedies and therapies which are helpful in restoring the Youthful Vigour of a man, provide tonic, strength, stimulation, increase potency and check seminal debilities are called Virilization remedies and therapies. Virilization is the source of strengthening the genitals and toning up the reproductive system.

Ayurveda stresses upon the daily need of these remedies to remain Fit & Virile to fulfill all emotional desires namely Pursuits of Life, Wealth, World & Generation-lineage. Following the footsteps of the discoveries made by Great Indian Sages, the Herbal Division of PENTAVOX, with the untiring efforts of its dedicated team has rediscovered the most precious remedy for Rejuvenation & Virility, in the form of Herbal 1-TOP Capsule, from the most Precious & Rare Herbs, Minerals & Trace Elements found on this earth.

Herbal 1-TOP Capsules have been blended with the Choicest Tonics, Aphrodisiacs, Rejuvenators, Memory Invigorators, Alteratives, Stimulants & Nervine Tonics to check Sexual, Seminal, General, Nervous, Aging debilities and build body resistance.

Herbal 1-TOP Capsules not only nourish the body by supplementing it with the deficiencies of diet but also rejuvenate the body by increasing the immunity against the disease producing organisms and tone up the entire body system to act as a wonderful tonic.

Composition: The complex formulation of Herbal 1-TOP Capsule is an ideal combination of:

15 mg each of Crocus sativus, Anacylus pyrethrum, Canscora decussata, Ocimum sanctum & Celastrus panniculatus;
20 mg each of Myristica fragrans, Piper longum, Zingiber officinale, Cinnamomum cassia & Piper betel;
40 mg each of Hygrophila spinosa, Hibiscus abelmoschus, Withania somnifera, Mucuna pruriens, Tribulus terrestris, Asparagus racemosus, Sphaeranthus indicus, Asparagus adescendens, Juglans regia, Myristica fragrans (Mace), Ipomoea paniculata, Vetiveria zizanioidis and;
80 mg of Myrtus carryophyllus

(Capsules are processed with aqueous extract obtained from Purified Asphaltum)

The concept of Herbal 1-Top Capsules is based on the Total Health Care concept of Ayurveda. In earlier days Royal Physicians used to make Royal Recipes for members of Royal Families to keep them fit & virile. Herbal 1-Top Capsule is a brand of proprietary Herbal formulation as an Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement specially formulated, to make the diet remarkably complete since it virtually provides every nutritional element essential for a healthy-diet. These conventional herbs have been known to possess vigorous tonic properties and were used to recuperate body & mind since ages. Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of these herbs which have been compactly compounded in Herbal 1-Top Capsules.

It helps in increasing Labour Efficiency: Herbal 1-Top Capsules increase the efficiency in man and significantly raise the qualitative performance as it stimulates his desire to work by increasing stamina and ability of perseverance. Herbal 1-Top Capsules increase muscle glycogen levels, allowing the body to utilise the muscles’ strength and stop the muscles from tiring out. Herbal 1-Top Capsules supply nutrients to the brain & restore the body’s energy level.

CNS Stimulant: Herbal 1-TOP Capsules improve the psychomotor activity and mental capacity, enhance the function of adrenal glands, increase the feeling of well being and decrease the subjective complaints like sleep disturbances, neurotic and psychotic depressive tendencies, anxiety etc.

Antistress & Adaptogenic Effect : Herbal 1-TOP Capsule possesses hemopoietic and anti-fatigue properties and helps the body to use its glucose more efficiently. It also helps in storage of fat as natural lipids - the energy reservoir of the body and creating more protein in the cells which in turn promote growth thus helping in slowing down the aging process and increasing resistance of body against most infections. The intake of Herbal 1-Top Capsule also helps in preventing tiredness, and has been found to be better than glucose and thiamine. Tensions are mainly of three types: muscular, mental, & emotional. All these three are responsible for creating hyper activity of releasing adrenalin and increasing the rate of breathing. Adrenal glands play a key role in helping the body to fight against stress. During stress, the reduced ascorbic acid level of the body remains normalized with Herbal 1-TOP Capsules, thus reducing stress levels, with its use, by increasing the body resistance while under stress.

Helps To Slow Down Aging Process: Herbal 1-Top Capsule plays a protective role in preventing premature aging caused by stress, toxic chemicals, environmental pollution or other adverse influences. It helps to maintain the harmonious and dynamic equilibrium of an individual’s inner energy which keeps his life cycle running smoothly. It also helps in normalizing serum cholesterol levels.

Energizing Effect: Herbal 1-Top Capsules stimulate physiological functioning of the body to induce extra energy and maintain a perfect health. The wide spectrum, complex herbal formulation of Herbal 1-Top Capsule, nourishes to rejuvenate the entire body, in general and the reproductive system in particular. Herbal 1-Top Capsules also help to stimulate the nerves, dilate the blood vessels in the erectile tissue of penis to increase the blood flow to attain erection in response to sexual arousal or physical stimulation. Herbal 1-Top Capsules help to induce energy in cases of weakness due to various physical causes (aging, fatigue, ill health, alcohol dependence, possible reaction to medication viz. use of anti-ulcer, anti-hypertensive, anti-depressant drugs or sleeping pills, etc.) and psychological causes (depression, anxiety, severe stress, grief, fear etc.), alone. In the cases of weakness due to problems like diabetes, radical prostatectomy, spinal cord injury, vascular disease, multiple sclerosis etc., Herbal 1-Top Capsules catalyze the action of other therapies, as a wonderful adjuvant.

Immuno-Stimulant Properties: Herbal 1-TOP Capsule activate the metabolism of the body, strengthen the functions of blood circulation & heart, improve appetite, stimulate the internal secretions, control the endocardium and normalise the blood pressure. By virtue of many of its ingredients like Withania somnifera, Piper longum, Asparagus racemosus, Zingiber officinale, etc., that have been found to possess immuno-stimulant properties, Herbal 1-TOP Capsules build body resistance, not only to prevent infections but also to strengthen the body’s immunity.

Specific indications & uses: An Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement to meet all deficiencies of routine diet, the ingredients of which are traditionally being used for toning up all the functions of human body and have been recommended as a compound in various Herbal epics of India for Rejuvenation & Virility. It is also useful as an adjuvant for Fatigue & Stress, Convalescence, in all debilitating conditions and act as an excellent herbal aphrodisiac. It has been found very useful in patients (men) suffering from Erectile dysfunction and from Premature Ejaculation also.

Being Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement, Herbal 1-TOP Capsules are completely safe even on prolonged usage. Hypertensive or Cardiac patients should use the product under physician’s supervision, as a precautionary measure. 1-Top Capsules are extremely well tolerated and have shown no allergic or other untoward side effects in recommended dosage.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily with boiled milk or fresh fruit juice for 3 weeks initially followed by One capsule daily at night one hour before retiring. In acute weakness from various physical causes like Diabetes mellitus, the initial dosage is recommended to be enhanced for 2-3 months or more, depending upon the severity & duration of their problem. Herbal 1-TOP Capsules can be taken for several months without any harm.

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Erectile dysfunction best medicine in India
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